ERGing and GRI

The club has its own Concept 2 Rowing Machine and a great indoor rowing community allowing members to train and get fit whilst not on the water.

Clevedon Coastal Rowing Club is officially accredited to the British Rowing Go Row Indoor Club Initiative. A Go Row Indoor Club is a community rowing club that uses existing facilities to expand their rowing offer, connect with the wider local community, and help get more people active through indoor rowing activities and being part of a unique and fast growing fitness offer. We have trained Go Row Indoor instructors and access to Go Row Indoor support to compliment our on the water training and to run alongside for new and existing members.
It provides fantastic opportunities for people to come and engage with the club, help get active and will reduce barriers to accessing rowing as an exercise. You will be able to see the real benefits of one of the most fun, but under-utilised pieces of kit available for people to access today. Indoor rowing can be done by anyone, it is easy to learn, it is low impact, it is perfect for cross-training and you will improve every session. It’s health benefits provide a full body cardiovascular workout, with every stroke using 85% of your muscles covering nine major muscle groups. It is also a highly efficient fat-burning exercise burning over 300 calories per 30 minutes of rowing. We can help by providing a range of training plans, individual or group technique sessions either face-to-face or via zoom which is great for improving core strength and flexibility. At the same time it is a great way to get active socially and meet and exercise with like minded people.
What are you waiting for? Sound like it is something you want to try? Get in touch today and start your rowing journey with us.

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